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Matching Diamond Pairs

Unmounted Pair Available For $12,495.00

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Add 18 Karat White Gold Screw-Backed Earstud Mounting, $12,875.00 .

K-L-M Color, I1 Clarity 1.31Carat
100_1671KLMcolor 1carat 31point for $5,804.47.jpg
Visably Yellow Body Color with Inclusion

Buy This Stone Alone For $5,804.47 Gold Mounting Extra.

Suggested Retail $12,495.00
Call to view a diamond.

Beautiful Pair!
Perfect Color Match. I1 Clarity.
Great As Earstuds
Retail Value $12,875.00

K-L-M Color Yellow, I1 Clarity 1.51Carat
100_167 M color 1.51Carat for $6,691.jpg
Visably Yellow with Mild Inclusions.

Buy This Stone Alone for $6,690.65 Gold Mounting Extra.

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