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Boy's Junior High Spirit Rings

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R. Johns LTD, Boy's Jr. High School Ring $113.00.  Available in Valadium and Sun-Lite Valadium only.

Choose your stone color, side shield colors.
JAV Jeweler's Bench Boy's Junior High Ring $
R. Johns Jr. High School ring, Call to order.
# 22
R.Johns LTD. offer a genuine tribute to your passion for learning.  The Junior High Spirit Ring.
Available in Valadium and SunLite Valadium...the students' choice.
Developed as a alternative to white gold,
Valadium is brilliant, strong, durable,
guaranteed never to tarnish, 
and very affordable.
     One side of your ring will show a collecton of school symbols like Music, Academics and Sports, all on 1 panel.  The opposite side has a special color shield with your school colors.
     Best of all your school name is shown around the stone with your mascot presented under the stone in the boldest detail.

#24 R.JohnsLTD Boy's Jr.High
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$35 trade-in value when you purchase your High School ring.

# 22
Stone comes in 6 fantastic colors to choose from.
Over 100 designs are available under the stone on Junior High rings.
Select your school's Mascot, a block style inital or our universal education design.
Trade-in Value! Yes, your R.Johns Junior High (Middle School) ring is worth $35.00 when you trade-in you old Junior High ring for your new High School class ring.
Delivery. Your ring will be custom-made to your specification. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.
YearDate! A 4-digit yeardate may be engraved for a small extra charge

Classic Collection / Retro Collection / Fashion Collection / Jr. High Rings

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