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Diamond Price List

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Monthly Unmounted Diamonds Specially Priced
1.02 Carat Cushion Diamond #19640VSI-1/Clarity; F/Color
EGL Certification included.
Buy this loose diamond for $8,284.00.
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  • Check the box(s) of the diamond shape you desire, then choose a "Carat Weight" from the drop-down menu or enter your exact stone-weight choice, then click the "search" button.
  • Add a price-value that fits your budget and then click the "search" button. For a good comparative list, keep your price range within a $1,000.  Example: $623.00 to $1,600. then click the "search" button.
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  • Print a copy of the "diamond price list" results.
  • Email or visit JAV Jeweler's Bench with your findings to see or purchase your favorite diamonds.


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Fancy Brown Diamonds for $950. per carat. Click Here.

1.13 Carat.  SI-2 Clarity; H Color.  EGL Certificate included with purchase. $7,371.00.  Click to view.

1.43 Platinum Diamond Ring #AF0507: SI3-I1/Clarity; F/Color
EGL Certification included for Center Marquise diamond
Size 5, can be resized up to an 7 1/2 or size down to 4 3/4.
Call to arrange your purchase. 1 (361) 293-6376.
Open Weekdays till 6:00pm-Saturdays till 4:00 C.S.T. 


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