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Girl's Junior High Spirit Ring

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Gold Lance, Girl's Jr. High Ring starting at $75.00

#21 Gold Lance
Gold Lance Limited version of the "Elegance" _top view_.jpg
In White Lazon, 10 karat White or Yellow Gold.

R. Johns LTD, Girl's Jr. High School ring $113.00. In Valadium metal only.

#22 & #23 choose from over 100 designs & 6 colors
R. Johns L.T.D. Junior High School Rings Valadium metal, starting at $80.95.jpg
Your school color shield and Universal Education panel

#23 Girl's Jr. High, Sun-Lite Valadium available.
rjohns girls junior high school ring photo_.jpg
Sun Lite Valadium looks like yellow gold.

# 21
Gold Lance Girl's Jr. High Ring.
A limited version of the "Elegance" style High School Ring.
Faceted stone only, customizable side panel.  With 100 plus, "activity and Mascot panels to choose from.
Your Name and  Mascot Name above either side panels
Available in White Lazon, 10k or 14K Yellow gold $214.00.

R. Johns LTD, offers this classically styled school ring to commemorate your educational acheivements.
Customizable with your choice of 6 stone colors, a school color shielded side panel and a universal education panel. 
Avalilable in Validium (shown) or Sun-Lite Valadium.
Best of all your school name is shown around the stone with your mascot presented under the stone in the boldest detail. The smooth polished Cabochon stone protects your choice of school mascot, Block Initial or Universal Education Design.

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