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Glossary of Formal Attire

Accessories:  Tie, Cummerbund/Vest, shirts, shirts, hats, shoes, handkerchiefs, cuff-links, studs, cane, spats, socks, suspenders or ascot.
ARM BAND:  An elastic band worn over a shirt on upper arm under coat to shorten a shirt sleeve.  Especially useful with boy's size shirts. 
ASCOT:  A tie with broad ends hanging from a knot, worn with a stick pin and wing-tip shirt. Worn with a Cutaway jacket, usually for day-time weddings.
BAND COLLAR SHIRT:  A tuxedo shirt with no collar.  This shirt can have a pleated or plan front.  Worn with a button cover or collarband.
BARREL SLEEVE:  Ends of jacket sleeve are overlapped with no sleeve vent.
BESOM POCKETS:  Self fabic or satin strip of top of pocket.  Double besom is two strips, on over pocket opening and on on top of pocket.
BLACK TIE:  Black tuxedo jacket, black pants, white shirt, black cummerbund and tie, or matching tie, cummerbund or vest, and formal shoes.  (The term "Black Tie" on an invitation connotes formality and indicates that you must wear a tuxedo.  "Black Tie Invited" means tuxedos are preferred, but dark suits are acceptable.
BUTTON COVER:  A decorative accessory worn over top button of the shirt.  Usually worn on band collar shirts.
BOUTONNIERE:  Flower worn on the left of the lapel.
BOW TIE: Clip-on is usually worn with regular collar shirts.  Band tie is pre-tied, attached around the neck, and can be worn with any collar.  Self tie must be tied into a bow by wearer.  A Western tie is usually worn with a western tuxedo.
CANE: Carried when a top hat is worn.  Must match top hat.
COLLAR EXTENDER:  Little plastic button with a loop that attaches to the top button of the shirt to add a little more room in the neck.
CUFF LINKS:  Decorative accessory that keeps a shirt cuff closed instead of using a button.  Always required with a French Cuffed shirt.
CUMMERBUND:  Formal, pleated, adjustable waist sash, worn with pleats up. 
CUTAWAY:  (Also called a Morning Coat) A long jacket, rounded off at the bottom, with no satin.  Worn for daytime formal affairs.  Usually worn with striped tuxedo pants.
DINNER JACKET:  Usually a white or winter white shawl collar jacket.  Can be single or double breasted.  Always worn with black tuxedo pants.
DOUBLE BREASTED:  Jacket closes over to the side and buttons outside on the right and inside on the left.  Always worn closed. A cummerbund of high button vest is usually worn with this jacket.
FLAP POCKET:  Usually self fabric, with flap over pocket opening.
FORMAL SHOES:  Patent leather or patent leather look shoe.
FOUR-IN-HAND TIE:  A knotted tie that is similar to a business tie, but in a more formal fabric.  Usually worn with a stroller-jacket, but can also be used with a Cutaway coat.
FRENCH CUFF:  Double folded shirt cuff requiring cuff links.
FULL DRESS:  The same as White Tie.  Black Tails, black tuxedo pants, white pique wing-tip shirt, white pique tie and vest, and formal shoes.
Gloves:  Nylon, one size fits all.  White gloves are worn with "Full Dress" or "White Tie" attire.
Lay Down Shirt:  Tuxedo shirt with regular collar and pleated front. The collar is similar to a business style dress shirt.
Notch Lapel:  Squared off to top collar making a "notch" effect on jacket.
Peak Lapel:  Lapel points extend upward above bottom of top collar of the jacket.
Pique:  A waffle texture in fabric.
Pocket Square:  Hankie or a piece of fabric put in breast pocket to accessorize the coat.  Usually white or matches the tie and vest/cummerbund.
Satin Fabric:  Soft, lustrous fabric, usually on top collar, lapels, pockets, buttons, and down outside seam of tuxedo pants.  Many ties, cummerbunds, and vests are also made of satin.  (Satin is a weave, not a fabric type).
Scarf:  Often match accessories, sometimes matches the jacket.  Worn over a jacket under the collar.
Self Fabric:  Same fabric as jacket or pants.  Usually refers to collar, pockets or waistband.
Shawl Lapel:  Smooth collar and lapel that is a curved piece extending to the bottom of the lapel.
Single Breasted:  The jacket usually has one to four buttons in front and is worn unbuttoned.
Stroller:  A day-time jacket with no satin. Worn for day-time weddings and day-time formal affairs.  Usually worn with striped tuxedo pants.
Studs:  Worn instead of shirt buttons.  Most shirts require three to four studs.
Suspenders:  (Also called Braces) Adjustable, clip type suspenders are fastened onto front and back with a waistband clip. Button-On suspenders are used with pants that have suspender buttons fastend in the waistband.
Top Collar:  Collar of jacket that extends around the back of the neck from lapel to lapel.
Top Hat:  Wool, felt, or all felt, flat topped, very formal hat usually accompanied with a matching cane.
Tuxedo Pants:  All formal tuxedo pants have a satin stripe down the outside seam.  Striped pants that are worn with a Cutaway or Stroller coat do not have this accent. 
Vent:  Opening in the back of jacket.  Center vent is a coat with one vent in center of jacket.  Side vent is a coat with two vents, one on each side of the coat and Non-vented is a coat with no vents.
Vest:  Worn in place of the cummerbund.  Backless vests have front panels with adjustable back closures at the neck and waist.  Full Back vests has front and back panels and is fitted based on the individuals coat size. 
White Tie:  See "Full Dress" description.
Wing Tip Shirt:  Formal shirt with tab (wing) collar and a pleated front.  Tabs are usually worn behind the tie. 

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