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Family Jewelry

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As Of June 20th 2010

Landstorms Family Jewelry Collection. 
Beautifully unique and American made jewelry.
Landstroms is the original manufacturer of black hills gold jewelry.
Black Hill Gold is enduring gold jewelry designed on a tri-colored grape-vine motif.  Stop by or call to order your special ring,brooch or cross.
Commemorate that great american institution "The Family" with "Landstroms Black Hills Gold".
Some designs will accomodate up to 12 stones.
Order today to celebrate Mother's Day, Grand Parents Day or the birth of a first born.
Prices start at $159.00 

Landstorms 2- leaf split shanked family ring.
Landstroms 2-leaf 3-stone family ring $318.00_0583.jpg
Up to 6 stones in a single row. As pictured with 3 synthetic gemstones, $318.00.

Landstorms 6-leaf Family ring.
Landstroms 6-leaf, 4-stone family ring. $460.00_0579.jpg
This design will hold up to 6 stone. As pictured $460.00.

Landstorms Sterling Silver family ring.
Landstorms sterling silver, 3-stone band $115.00_0563.jpg
Up to 6 Marquise shaped stones. As pictured $115.00

Landstorms 4-stone family band.
Landstroms 4-stone family band $302.00_0587.jpg
10 karat gold holds up to 6 stones. As pictured $302.00.

Landstorms 6-stone Heart design family ring.
Landstroms 6-stone family heart ring $346.00_0592.jpg
Up to 7 stone. As pictured $346.00

Sterling Silver "MOM" pendant with up to 6 stones.
Landstorms 3-stone "Mom" Heart shaped pendant $105.00_0653.jpg
As pictured $105.00. Choose your own stone colors.

Choose up to 12 stones. $194.00 as pictured 10K
Landstroms 4-stone heart brooch $194.00_0637.jpg
Pink and Green gold grapeleaf accents.

10 k gold cross. Choose up to 7-stones. $238.00
Landstroms 5-stone cross pendant $238.00_0649.jpg
A beautiful family hierloom. Black Hills Gold grapeleaf motif.

Black Hills Gold "Mother and Child" DISCONTINUED.
Landstroms "Mother and Child" heart pendant DISCONTINUED_0657.jpg
10K gold. Choose up to 6 stone. DISCONTINUED



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